Metro Koats Total Camouflage System a complete solution to all tactical military visual, infra-red and radar camouflage requirements.

Our Manufacturing and Marketing of Chemical Products division was formed in 1995 to manufacture specialized paint. Noting a general absence of home-grown defense products, we devoted our resources to the development of camouflage products for tactical military applications. Specifically, developing and manufacturing camouflage products that are fully acclimatized to our tropical environment; immediately benefiting the Malaysian Armed Forces.

In view of today’s advanced technology in electronic surveillance and image enhancers, the ability to detect beyond the visual range of the human eye (400-740 nm) has become the norm. For even the simplest and the most widely used electronic visual enhancer in the battlefield, the night-vision goggles has a detection range that is well beyond the human visual range. On the extreme end, electromagnetic radar wave has the ability to penetrate not just through darkness and atmospheric impedance but also through materials. The urgent need to counter these devices is ever more crucial in deciding the outcome of a conflict.

Today, with strong encouragement and support from the Ministry of Defense, we have further strengthened our position in this specialized field of tactical military camouflage by developing a whole range of products working in a broadband electromagnetic spectrum.

Our whole range of products seamlessly combine to form an integrated broadband camouflage system (Metro Koats Total Camouflage System) which when used in service will seriously hinder the effectiveness of today’s electronic detectors and weapon system giving that decisive edge needed.