Our Recovery and Recycling of Scheduled Wastes division was formed in 1984, a time when contaminated waste was unintentionally dumped in landfills or burned indiscriminately at obscure places. Sharing the same vision of the Department of Environment (DOE) to continuously protect the land we live on, we have developed to earn pioneer status in the recycling of scheduled waste. We practice and act on the worldwide effort of waste management, living the motto of “reduce, reuse, recover, recycle.”

As a professional recycler, we collect contaminated materials directly from companies in the electronic, engineering, automobile, oil & gas, printing and other manufacturing industries. These materials are soiled with grease, inks, solvents and whatever substance imaginable. Such wastes are now highly regulated and have to be disposed off, at sites permitted by the DOE and handled only by licensed contractors. Every year, the ever increasing hundreds of tons of contaminated materials are transported by our licensed fleet of trucks to our sites.

Our job is to remove contaminants from the soiled materials so that they can be reused. Damaged materials can also be converted into safe recyclable products, fit for reuse.

Our new factory, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology is designed to handle the logistics and process involved in waste management. Safety and hygiene consciousness is our law. Our trained drivers and service personnel are committed to quality and provide the best solution in waste management. We pride ourselves in the fields of research, trend development and service excellence. We work closely with our customers and the authorities in complying with the latest environmental regulation. Being a major player in the environment business, we will continue to service and upgrade our processing methods to meet or exceed the stringent government standards for waste-water purity.