At Tex Cycle, we are obliged towards our employees, investors, customers, suppliers and the community while making conservation of the environment our highest priority. We are constantly engaged in upgrading our processes, procedures and Research and Development to ensure our environment is continuously protected and conserved towards improvement for maximization of its stakeholders’ interest.

We ensure that all matters of CR are considered and supported throughout the Company and are consistent with our stakeholder’s interests. Comprehensive policies and practices have been developed to enable business decisions to be made and conduct its operations ethically, adhering to legal obligations and showing consideration for the community and environment. The various activities undertaken as part of Tex Cycle’s Corporate Responsibility are discussed below.

The various activities undertaken as part of Tex Cycle’s Corporate Responsibility are discussed below.


Tex Cycle’s Stakeholders though distinct in its own way, they share the same aspiration which is reducing waste, protecting and preserving the Environment. The identification and selection of Stakeholders with whom Tex Cycle is engaged revolves around those relevant to the business operation that is the Employees, Regulators, Customers, Shareholders, Community and Suppliers. Together, we engage in various ways and at different levels to discover the social and environmental issues that are material in decision-making and accountability.


Tex Cycle has always given focus to Employees, one of the most important stakeholder groups “internal” to the core operation of the business and its’ most important investment. The Management rates the engagement with Employees as valuable and is based on relationship-building from the very beginning. Tex Cycle’s Management deals with its Employees with trust, mutual respect and understanding to develop and build interactions. This established relationship is the basis to our engagement with our Employees.

Engagement of our workforce, the people of Tex Cycle is important and a vital part of our success. Focus on the people and the workplace culture is placed at the top of their list and believes that good performance by our Employees should always be recognised and appraised. Tex Cycle continually invests in its Employees and aids in their growth by providing the right trainings, build connection to the business through various environmental programs, give rewards in various ways for their contribution, create career development opportunities, initiate safe working environment and offer physical & financial support where needed.

Employees of Tex Cycle are appreciated for their ongoing contributions to the company throughout the year as they are capable of furthering the Organization’s success. To retain its people, Tex Cycle provides them with benefits and aims to create a work environment that can encourage and enable them to be responsible humans. Tex Cycle has identified and gratified Employees who’ve been with the Management through evolving challenges that we’ve faced and continue facing as a growing and developing Company. Some of the continuous benefits to our Employees are listed below:

– Eligible Employees are given education scholarships to pursue higher studies in fields related to their jobs

– Employee of the quarters & Employee of the year awards

– Company’s share distribution

– Family Day gathering and activities / Recycling Day

– Staff Recreation

– Overseas Vacation Trips (title)

– Competition on Environmental, Safety and Health issues after training

– Recycling Campaign

– Award given to the section/area which complies with the audit checklist

– Promotions / bonus

– Incentives for full attendance

Safety, Health & Environmental Month (title)

– Competition and activities involving staff members and their family

– Recognition of staffs with long service

– Employees children are given financial assistance for school necessities

– Adequate insurance coverage

– Annual Medical Health Check for Employees

– Heart Disease and Diabetic Talk

– First Aid Training

– Stress Management Talk

– Distribution of Festive Goodies (title)


Regulators act as the backbone to Tex Cycle. As its core business operation revolves around the Environment, Regulators and their compliances play an important part in ensuring protected interest of all. Regulators whom Tex Cycle closely engages with are the Regulatory Bodies such as DOE, DOSH, JPJ, MPSJ and BOMBA. Environmental issues and green matters are the usual highlights in their engagement and occasionally, our facility is also used as learning ground for new regulatory officers as well as a site for visit by the regulatory bodies for international visitors. Tex Cycle as one of the pioneers in the Management of Scheduled Waste has been also been recently invited by DOE to assist in the development of occupational skills in the field of Scheduled Waste Treatment System.


Tex Cycle renders Customers as an important channel to promote environmental preservation and protection of which it addresses through the services it offers. Regular engagement is required to reach fair pricing, ensuring best quality of service and assurance that their trust in us on waste management is maintained at all times. A common concern raised through this engagement is attractive pricing and best service which is promptly addressed by the higher Management and Sales Representatives.

Customers are also welcomed periodically to audit the process flow of the recycling and recovery activities in our plant.


Visit by Nippon Sumikin

Through exhibitions and initial visits, Customers are provided with brochures explaining the activities, products and services, environmental programs and further information regarding Scheduled Waste Management and its regulations. Tex Cycle too connects with Customers through joint activities on their EMP projects.


Tex Cycle also values relationships with its Suppliers as vital to the success of its operations. In our Supplier Engagement we aim to receive valuable benefits from our Suppliers. We acknowledge that they are important to the business operation as through them we have access to best people, best resources, first access to innovation, latest technological advances, favourable terms and priority allocation of resources in times of scarcity. Having in hand the best Supplier can create a vital strategic advantage for the business.

We achieve this through mutual understanding and trust in regular dealing with them best prices are obtained for quality goods and services through continued support to Suppliers. Their key concern is that we continue supporting them in business for the long term. This concern is addressed through ad-hoc meetings and agreements with major and significant Suppliers where mutual value is achieved for both parties.

Tex Cycle’s SHE Department ensures that Contractors attend briefing and training on a continuous basis on the following: –

  • Tex Cycle’s Environmental policy
  • Regulations for Vendors and Contractors
  • Fire Emergency Response Procedures
  • Emergency Route
  • Scheduled Waste Code and Warning Labels
  • Tex Cycle Recycling and Waste Minimization Policy
  • Environmental Legal Requirements
  • Competent and qualified to handle (dealing with scheduled waste) Supplier and Contractor Development
  • Practice: Tex Cycle provides environmental policy, training materials and available practices in the Contractor Safety Briefing.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Contractors and suppliers are required to attend annual training at Tex Cycle on issues such as environmental impact, handling and safety procedures for the material/product supplied to Tex Cycle.
  • Cooperation: Samples of new material/product from the contractor or supplier are tested in the lab at Tex Cycle to assess if new products worsen the environmental impact.


Being in the Industry of Scheduled Waste Management, Tex Cycle’s daily business operations matters to the Community as the hazards of the improper handling of toxic wastes may pose serious consequences to the people. And so, responsible daily operations matters most in this Community Engagement of Tex Cycle. Through various projects, collaborations, exhibitions and programs, Tex Cycle brings awareness on ways to create a better Environment to the Community.

Tex Cycle gives a very special focus to young children as they are the future generation of what we have to offer. Thus early education and awareness to this group of community on environmental protection, preservation, waste reduction and 4R’s are constantly exposed and cultivated in them through sessions, briefings, talks as well as sponsorships.


Visit from UITM (Sarawak)

Young adults who are furthering their education in the Environmental and related studies often visit Tex Cycle to gain more knowledge on ways of reducing waste and recycling in the industrial point of view.


Dialysis Center

Another focus of Tex Cycle besides environmental issues in the Community at large is the health and financial concern for the less privileged groups. Tex Cycle is the main sponsor of a Dialysis Centre in the Klang Valley with the collaboration of an NGO. It faithfully continues to provide the less fortunate with the much needed medical requirement with annual financial aids to the centre so that they may carry on with their lives. Tex Cycle also distributes its profits generously on a continuous basis to other charitable organizations with the aim to lessen poverty and extend help to the needy and the less fortunate not only with monetary contribution but also with sponsorship of basic necessities (caption)

Tex Cycle is pleased to have reached this significant milestone with regular, consistent and relevant Stakeholders Engagement with all of the above groups. Tex Cycle believes that the powerful combination of our Stakeholders will continue bringing its assets, its people and its vision together to deliver sustainable value to all its Stakeholders environmentally and profitably.

Communication of Environmental -Related Information

Environmental and any important related issues such as health and safety related matters are communicated to all the staff through various ways at Tex Cycle. Most prominent methods are:-

  • meetings with representatives from every department
  • all general notices are placed on the notice boards
  • memos sent by internal e-mail systems
  • openly communicating to Employees and their families during activities
  • Management participates in environmental training and activities organized

Besides many activities that are implemented for staff participation as a part of resource conservation programs, Tex Cycle also has ongoing programs to convert various wastes to useful products.

Target and Achievement

Incorporate Environmental Accounting into Cost and Investment Consideration

The investment on the plant is part of the investment towards pollution control and conservation of our natural resources. Over the years, the investment toward the facilities has increased for the benefits of both the environment and surrounding community. The management ensures that the facilities of Tex Cycle complies with the regulation and observe the requirements by the stakeholders. The benefits of complying with the environmental law are clearly seen through the increase in revenue. The profit gained in Tex Cycle is through the recycling and recovery activities.

External Assurance

Tex Cycle indirectly observes related principles in all its operational planning and introduction of new products and services. As an active Licensed Contractor by the Country’s Department of Environment and an independent member in many other industry associations, Tex Cycle is committed in doing its part in engaging in continued ways and means to reduce all possible threats to the environment by embracing some principles such as Kyoto Protocol, Montreal Protocol, etc amongst others.

Most of the participants who come to Tex Cycle tend to carry the mindset that Tex Cycle is a large launderette due to the existence of a large number of industrial washing machines and a collection of contaminated wipes, rags and gloves in the main production area. They assume that these contaminated rags, gloves and wipes are washed similarly to household laundry system but on a larger scale. Therefore, the awareness program is specially arranged to change these mindsets by providing a line tour, explaining the process in detail and the importance of a waste water treatment and the dangers of these contaminated materials. Depending on the group, the questions varies from technical to very basic questions but through these question and answer sessions, the participants are able to get a better understanding on the importance of the regulation on Scheduled Wastes and their responsibilities as citizen. Organizations are able to understand why it is important to segregate the domestic wastes from industrial wastes and what happens to these contaminated wastes once it leaves their premises.

Waste as Competition

Tex Cycle aims to change the perspective of the public regarding the image of a Scheduled Waste recycling and recovery plant. Tex Cycle has practiced pollution control, waste minimization, cleaner production and promoting environmental awareness as part of the company’s policy.

Where employees are concerned, activities such as buying recyclable materials made of paper, glass, tin, etc. at a higher market price and competition on reusing household and decontaminated factory wastes into art-craft and useful equipments are continuously carried out to encourage healthy competition while instilling environmental awareness.

Externally, Tex Cycle has joined many initiatives to be transparent to the society in its business operations as well as its efforts in environmental protection and preservation. The many awards achieved over the years are proofs themselves that Tex Cycle is aiming high to be a role model in the Scheduled Waste Management Industry.

Awards Achieved Prior 2013

ISO 14001 – Tex Cycle was first awarded with the ISO 14001 certification in March 2003 and has been recertified to-date.

Prime Minister Hibiscus Awards

Tex Cycle was the winner of the year 2004 “Anugerah Alam Sekitar” Award. The Industry Environmental Award for SME is the highest award given out by the Selangor State Government.

  • Prime Minister Hibiscus Award 2005/2006 (Notable / SMI Special Award)
  • Prime Minister Hibiscus Award 2006/2007 Selangor Government
  • Prime Minister Hibiscus Award 2006/2007 SME Special Award
  • Prime Minister Hibiscus Award 2006/2007 Exceptional Achievement in Environmental Performance
  • Prime Minister Hibiscus Award 2008/2009 for Notable Achievement in Environmental Performance

Malaysian Canadian Business Council

  • Malaysian Canadian Business Council (MCBC) Silver Award in Industrial Excellence in Professional Services Award 2006
  • Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC) Company of the Year Award under Business Excellence Awards 2008
  • Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC) Talisman Malaysia Limited Award Industry Excellence for Environment under Business Excellence Awards 2008


  • ACCA – MaSRA First Time Reporting 2006
  • ACCA Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards for Transparency (MaSRA) 2009 (shortlisted)
  • ACCA Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards (MaSRA) 2011 – (shortlisted)

National Award for Management Accounting

  • Practice Solution Award 2008 under Non-listed SME Category from National Award for Management Accounting (NAfMA)
  • Practice Solution Award 2009 under Non-listed SME Category from National Award for Management Accounting (NAfMA)
  • Practice Solution Award 2010 under Non-listed SME Category from National Award for Management Accounting (NAfMA)

Star Biz ICR Malaysia

  • Corporate Responsibility Award 2008 for Environment Category for market capitalization be low RM1billion from Star Biz ICR Malaysia
  • Corporate Responsibility Award 2009 for Marketplace Category for market capitalization be low RM1billion from Star Biz ICR Malaysia
  • Corporate Responsibility Award 2010 for Marketplace Category for market capitalization be low RM1billion from Star Biz ICR Malaysia

KPMG Malaysia

  • KPMG Shareholder Value Award 2010 – Winner for Infrastructure

Award Achieved In 2014

ACCA Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards (MaSRA) 2014 – Shortlisted

We competed amongst giants such as British American Tobacco, Cenviro, Nestle, Malayan Banking, Petronas, Telekom and etc. Tex Cycle was one of the 26 shortlisted participants for the ACCA Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards (MaSRA) 2014. (caption).